The ISTP SB RAS list of property:
- Digital ionosondes for vertical and oblique sounding located in Norilsk (69N, 88E), Irkutsk (52N, 103E), Tory (Buryatia), near Usolye-Sibirskoe and Magadan, that operate in a continuous monitoring of the regular ionosphere and traveling ionospheric disturbances with spatial scales from 20 to 1000 km.
- Coherent highfrequency radar EKB (Sverdlovsk region), which carries realtime monitoring of the subpolar ionosphere, small-scale ionospheric irregularities and electrical fields in the ionosphere in the sector with a 50 degrees field-of-view and central direction 15 degrees.
- Digital 3-component fluxgate magnetometers in Irkutsk and Norilsk, digital induction magnetometers (Mondy , Uzuri , Norilsk) for observations of VLF emissions
- 7 stationary dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receivers performing continuous receiving of GNSS signals and 3 mobile ones.
- Bank of phase measurements from global network of GPS stations, containing data for the period 1993-2014.
- Server with a disk array of 30 terabytes

The MSU list of property:
- 6 tomographic receivers ITS30/33S for signals of LEO satellite systems such as TRANSIT, FORMASAT 3 , C / NOFS, ePOP
- 5 tomographic receivers CSR- 123 for conducting dual or triple frequency phase and amplitude measurements of CERTO satellite beacons.
- 14 geodetic GNSS receivers (GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / QZSS / SBAS / Beidou) from leading manufacturers (JAVAD, Trimble, Navcom).
- Computing cluster for solving machine-expensive inverse problems of satellite remote sensing and radiotomography of the ionosphere, as well as for modeling the processes of interaction and transmission of the disturbances in the atmosphere – ionosphere - magnetosphere system.

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