Norilsk CMIS

Norilsk complex magnito-ionospheric station (CMIS Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Region).

At this station proceeded the observations of the complex of magnetospheric-ionospheric disturbances.
Currently, the following observations are continuing at CMIS:
- Monitoring of the geomagnetic field variations.
- Absolute measurements of the geomagnetic field.
- The observations of geomagnetic pulsations.
- Vertical sounding of the ionosphere.
- Oblique sounding of the ionosphere.

Below in figure the magnetograms are shown, where D, H, Z, F are the components of magnetic field. They are obtained in accordance with the requirements of Intermagnet. 

The horizontal axis is UT in hours. The vertical axes are: magnetic declination D (minutes of arc); horizontal component H (nT); vertical component Z (nT); full magnetic field vector F (nT)

Magnetometry archive (CMIS)

Архив магнитометрии (КМИС)

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